Sunday, April 06, 2008

No time to sit down

Busy weekend....

Sometimes when I start working on something, I can't stop until it's finished. The upholstery for the two pilots seats is done :-) Next step will be to repaint the seats... yes, the pads are removable.
I always wondered why I have two different seats for my cockpit. After checking the "Lockheed Digest" (monthly technical updates) I bought some time ago, I found that one seat is the model 1948 and the other 1955. They look different but with the pads installed the difference will become less obvious.

Make yourself comfortable

Very important... seats!

A cockpit without seats is not usable, it is not possible to fly if you have nothing to seat on. I started now to make the seat pads. The upper side is made of gray teddybear fabric and the underside is made of black jeans fabric.
This is the very first "pillow" I ever made and also the first thing I sewed that has to look good. I already made a couple of bags but they were only made for practicle use and had not to look good :-) But I'm surprised how easy it was to make this pad, you only need to cut the fabric accurately and to pay attention to the roundings and corners.... and to keep the fabrics straight while sewing.

Ah, yes... and you will have to figure out how to thread the sewing machine. ;-)

PS: Spezieller Gruss und Dank an Nievergelt & Co, Zürich für die freundliche Beratung in sachen Schaumstoff...