Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Something for the specialists... The cockpit will not be built to the original width because this would be 2.80m or more at the rear wall. But I want to have it transportable and this requires a maximum size of 2.50m or it will be a special oversize transport with authorization by the police.... far too complicated.
So, it needed to make a compromise between the original size and userfriendlyness.

Enough motorbiking.... now I have some vacation ant time to build. It is amazing what one can do in one day. I started cutting the wood parts at 10:30 and at 20:00 the whole framework was finished... including lunch break and driving to the hobby center for small parts.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

SUMMER BREAK! Or did you think I'm sitting in my workshop with this nice weather? No, I rather make a little trip with my bike and show the other bikers what such a Milwaukee old iron is able to do.
The footrests are getting thinner in every curve :-)