Friday, October 12, 2007

Cheap interface

10 buttons for 19 Swiss Franks...

Do you need some buttons or switches hooked to your PC? Simply buy this little USB game controller for 19 Franks (about $15 ). It has 10 buttons, a hat switch and two miniature joysticks... and two vibration motors.
The second picture shows the PCB inside with everything removed except the connecting wires for the buttons and of course the microprocessor on the other side.

All switches have one ground connection and one signal connection, so it will be easy to attach all kind of flightsim switches. :-)


MajorFibbs said...

Be aware:

such a device can only process temporary commands equal to buttons. Toggle switches with permantent 0 or 1 will not work.

Regards - Valentin


I had that fear too and just tested it.... and it is not true. It works perfectly even with switches since it processes only changes, not positions. If you keep one or more buttons pressed and you press another, that change will be sent to the PC. The held buttons are ignored or simply overwritten by the new input :-)))

(SpeedLink Strike2 game pad)

MajorFibbs said...

Danke für die Info.

MajorFibbs said...

I remember now the troubles of a colleague. It the switch jitters, the commands are often unclear, creating unwanted troubles in cockpit procedures.


I can confirm that now... there seems to be a conflict with my other joystick.
The modified pad alone works fine.