Friday, January 04, 2008

Plexiglass manufacturing

Protect the switches...

The propeller feathering switches deserve some protection. They are 50 years old and they have an important function, it is not a good idea to push them if it is not necessary.

In the simulator they have no more function but the Plexiglass covers are looking too good to leave them away. Unfortunately only two of these covers have survived the disassembly in the caribbean and the transport to Switzerland. The fragment in front of the cover is what it was left from the Nr.1 cover, this one I had to re-manufacture completely. On the Nr.2 cover the parts on both sides were missing.... a partial re-manufacturing was necessary.
Nr.3 was the only undamaged and Nr.4 has a crack, but I leave it as it is, it looks more authentic like this :-)

For those who don't know what a "propeller feathering" button does...

In case you have to shut down an engine during flight, you have to "feather" the propeller of that engine. That means the propeller bades are turned out of the wind, facing the egde forward. Otherwise it would present a large obstacle for the airflow and it could cause the engine to windmill. That means the airflow is turning the propeller and that's not good for an already damaged engine.

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